Will Mobile Devices Kill The Desktop Market?

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The desktop computer has been around for a few decades now, but there are signs that it's growing less and less useful in the modern world. Mobile devices - like laptops, netbooks and now tablet computers - are very popular because they're portable, can connect to the Internet virtually anywhere, and offer a more intimate computing experience.

And when you're talking about something even smaller - like the smartphone or a smartwatch - it's really amazing the amount of computing power you can carry around in your pocket. They can never be like used shipping container that can be replaced with new ones. Each new device made has its own features and can’t be replaced with used items. We're going to take a look at some of the specific reasons that mobile devices are killing the desktop market - and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Why Desktops are Going Away?

Remember that scene in the Star Trek movie where they go back to Earth in their past? Scotty is aboard a nuclear submarine and tries to talk to the computer. When that doesn't work, he picks up the mouse and tries talking into it. Still no response, he remembers that computers of that era were really very basic machines. Now, when you look at Siri and Google's voice activated search on mobile devices, it's obvious where computing is heading these days.

Here's a look at several specific reasons that mobile desktops are driving desktops out of the market.

  • Portability - One of the biggest reasons mobile devices are overtaking desktop sales is that they're portable. Being able to take a super smart computer with you wherever you go is useful to many people in many different ways. Most people can't imagine walking out of their home without their mobile device. The same can't be said for desktops or even laptops.

  • Connectivity - Another reason so many people prefer mobile devices is that they're easily connected all the time. Whether it's via WiFi or a cell phone data connection, there's always a way to stay connected. The ability to be connected at all times has pros and cons, but many people love being able to get on the Internet or check their email while on the go.

  • Power - While nothing beats a maxxed out desktop computer currently, tablet computers are getting lighter and faster all the time. A day may come when they start to compare with desktops when it comes to performance. As this begins to become a reality, mobile devices are going to be even more popular.

As the three points above suggest, it's easy to see why so many people are making the switch to mobile devices. While desktop computers still exist - and will for a long time - many signs point to mobile devices becoming the primary means of computing. Well, at least until epaper and wearable computers start taking over the scene.

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