The Maturation of Mobile Devices in 2013

In 2013, the business world will continue to be influenced by advances in both technology and mobile growth. Social media apps are becoming more and more a part of business plans for some of the biggest corporations in the world. Companies are finding that communicating with their customers using social media and mobiletechnology is allowing them forge relationships that were never possible before.

Many companies are employing developers to come up with a unique mobile app that will draw customers in and keep them coming back for more. Mobile apps are being designed to gain information on the shopping habits, needs or preferences of their customers. This allows companies to personalize their apps in ways that make each customer feel like the app is for them and them alone.

According to CXO Today, companies are finding that their employees want to use their own devices as opposed to devices assigned to them by the company itself. This is causing somewhat of an uproar in the businesscommunity because companies are used to having more control over the devices their employees use for work purposes. The positive side of this is as that companies are saving money by allowing their employees to use their own devices rather than purchasing enough devices for each employee to have what they need.

According to All Techie News, Various mobile companies are working hard to introduce new technologies in 2013 such as:

  • Amazon is rumored to be releasing a Kindle Phone this year.
  • Apple is rumored to be testing a new version of the iPhone, which will run on iOS 7.
  • Samsung has plans to release a phone that will run on a Linux OS.
  • Jolla, a new open source mobile OS are releasing a smartphone and possible a tablet.
  • NFC technology will enable devices to act as a virtual wallet, similar to what Google is already doing with their own e-wallet.

All Techie News also reports that companies such as Nokia and Samsung are working on phones that are flexible and can be bent without damaging them. Cell phone companies are doing this by using organic light-emitting diodes and plastic to allow the phones to be bent.

These technologies will continue to help shape the business world by allowing employees more flexibility in their devices and the growing ability to use those devices for both work and personal reasons.

Sources: CXO Today, All Techie News

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