Mobile Job Search Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone

In this technologically driven world, people are relying more heavily on smartphones such as the iPhone, Windows Phone and Android. This has led to the creation of many mobile job search apps. Here is a list of apps that can be used to help find someone a job:

  • Jobs by Career Builder
  • Jobs
  • Job Search from
  • Job Search Engine by
  • Simply Hired
  • Snag A Job
  • Craigslist for iPhone
  • Job Aware
  • Job Compass
  • What color is your parachute? Job-Interview Tool

All of these applications are free to download and use. They all provide valuable help in finding a job at a time when the job market is very competitive.

Jobs by CareerBuilder

This application allows users to access any job listing on CareerBuilder and apply for the job right from their smartphone. Career Builder is the largest job site on the Internet and has close to two million job openings posted at any given time. Jobs

Like CareerBuilder, the app gives users access to all listings on the website right on their smartphone. account holders can log onto their account and apply for jobs through this mobile application.

Job Search by

Unlike other applications, this mobile job search application finds job listings on other websites and presents them to the user all in one convenient place. This application is great for those who do not have the time or patience to search multiple job listing sites,

Job Search by

Linkup uses search engines to find job listings on the company's webpage as opposed to a website like Monster or CareerBuilder. scours the websites of many major companies and gives users of this application access to job listings that do not show up on major search engines dedicated to job seeking. The listings are updated everyday. making this one of the best applications for finding new job openings.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired collects job listings from every source imaginable. They search traditional job boards, newspapers found online and company websites. This is another useful application for job seekers who do not want to search many sites.


Snag A Job lists both full-time and part-time job openings and makes it easy to find those openings quickly and easily, with little hassle.They have job listings for positions all over the United States.

Craigslist for iPhone

This application boasts a sophisticated user interface and many of the features of the full site are available for iPhone users. This mobile job search app allows users to browse Craigslist ads as well as post their own.


This application allows job seekers to compare the salaries for many different occupations. Anyone with a Linkedin account can integrate that account with this application. It also gives tips and advice on job searching from experts in various fields.

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