Webhosting Tips for Non-Geeks

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Starting your own website brings on concerns like a good SEO plan and finding a suitable web hosting service. When you have your ducks in a row, you can upload your site content and take it live on the internet. As long as your site is listed on search engines, you’re bound to have visitors, whether it’s to buy, sell, or just look around.

Finding a prime web hosting service out of the thousands available is not an easy task, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night. Be clear about the features that you need for your site, and make sure that the service is SEO friendly. Keep reading for further tips on web hosting.

Select by Region

Picking a web hosting service can depend on where in the world your target audience is. If your viewers are in the London, you would ideally want it to be in the United Kingdom. Having your server in the country where your viewers helps to get viewers. If your pages are loaded in the same country, then your site can be listed more prominently in search engines.

Pick a Unique IP Address

If you have a dedicated hosting server, then it’s definite that you’ll get an exclusive IP address.But if it’s shared hosting, then it won’t necessarily be the case. The addresses for shared hosting may have some effects on the search engine optimization, especially when some rotten websites are hosted with the same address.

The price of exclusivity makes a difference in what you get for your website. Dedicated server hosts are on the more expensive end, but you get a higher grade impact on your SEO. And while shared hosting is the more affordable option, you’ll want to measure the benefits of cost with the effects on your viewership.

Seek Help and Support

You’ll definitely want a service that offers professional help and customer support, it’s the most crucial element to your website. There will inevitably be technical issues that are difficult to avoid and solve, whether you’re a new user or a seasoned webmaster. Your best solution to fixing these problem is to notify the technician of your web hosting service, so finding one with 24 hour availability and an excellent record is very important.

Other Factors to Consider

Some other things to consider for your website include bandwidth, storage space, and the price you can live with. Bandwidth will help your website load faster, while storage space allows you to load more for your website. Both of which can mean higher graphics, videos, interactive effects, and other impressive tools for your site.

Whatever kind of site you have in mind, remember to keep these factors in mind and figure out what you need individually for your site. Be sure to do your research on several of the popular web hosting services like iPage, HostMonster, and FatCow, and if available, be sure to read the feedback and written opinions of their users.


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