Fatal error 'exception C0000006h' in Outlook Express and its solution

Problems with Outlook Express lead to an abnormal or unexpected behavior of the application that prevents users from using it. It means access to all the stored data is lost.


Let' see what causes such problems with a real time scenario:

Since last few days, I noticed some changes in Outlook Express but just ignored them. Now the problem has taken a disastrous shape as it does not allow me to use OE and throws the following error:


“Msimn caused an exception C0000006h in module Directdb.dll. The message could not be sent. There is not enough Disk space”


I am not able to figure out the cause. Moreover, I cannot afford to lose anything from my mailbox as it contains all official information. Please help me.”


You will find various such cases if search for the error over Internet that indicates that the users is not permitted to send emails due to less disk space. It may also occur due to corruption in DBX file.  Let's understand what is a DBX file and why it throws errors.


Outlook Express stores all its email data in dbx files. Each OE folder has corresponding dbx file, such as Inbox.dbx, Sent Items.dbx, Deleted Items.dbx, and so on; it also has an index file named Folders.dbx. These files are prone to corruption due to various reasons, such as virus attacks, bloated file, abrupt system shutdown, Outlook Express termination, to name a few. Subsequently, users fail to access the application and hence encounter data loss. Corruption causes various error messages, including the one mentioned above.


Therefore, the file must be repaired to allow the application work smoothly. For the aforementioned error, you need to compact the folders of OE so that the disk can accommodate it easily. Below section provides procedural steps to fix the error, perform them:


  • Go to the menu, click 'File', and then select 'Work Offline'. It will keep OE in offline mode by disconnecting it from Internet.
  • From folder option, choose 'Compact all Folders' to compact all OE folders.

·         Delete or rename the affected DBX file. It is recommended to rename the file instead of deleting it.

·         Close Outlook Express and restart it to bring everything into effect.


It's done! However, a bad thing is that you might not get proper results with the given steps. If so, choose professional Outlook Express repair software to repair the file and recover all its data. One such software is Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Repair. 

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