Clear away Outlook 'Cyclic Redundancy Check' error with PST recovery tool

With Microsoft Outlook 2010, a user has lots of features to work with. On the other side, there are number of errors which come off and restrict the access to Outlook data. One such known error message which occurs in Outlook is:

“Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)"


“File path\filename.pst could not be accessed. Data error. Cyclic redundancy check.”

The error message of cyclic redundancy check generally appears while downloading the Outlook mail. Getting this error can completely block your Outlook data accessibility and view of messages and other components of Outlook. You can’t send/receive, delete, or move, copy, paste any item. Also there is a big fear of losing valuable data. Therefore, to come out of this situation, firstly understand the basic cause of this issue.

Cause – Corrupt PST File

Errors in Hard disk and corruption of Outlook PST file could be the reasons for this error. For errors in disk, check the disk for all errors. Also regarding PST corruption, any wrong operation, improper working of Outlook or accidental shutdown of computer system, software, or hardware issue can make a PST file corrupt. However, recovery of corrupt PST file is possible and this error can be easily fixed.
Steps to fix this error:

1.    Check Hard disk for errors: Perform a disk check with Windows utility for finding errors. Use the following steps:

-    Open command prompt and type cmd in Start -> Run (For Windows XP) or Start Search box (for Windows 7 and vista) -> then press Enter.
-    In command prompt, type chkdsk /f and press Enter. Perform disk check and when it is completed then close the command prompt and restart Outlook to check.
Now if Outlook is working fine then its good, you can access all your data back. But if not then move to second method.

2.    Repair Outlook PST File: One can use two types of tools to repair corrupt PST file. One is Inbox repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) and other is Outlook PST Recovery tool. Both these tools work differently. With Scanpst you can repair a corrupt PST file of only size not more than 2 GB. Also sometimes you may get an unrepaired PST file after repair process. So basically, this utility is preferred for low level corruption cases. But its failure rate is high and several times it does not provide the right results.

Now move towards the second option which is PST Recovery tool. This provides you much flexibility and ease of use. It can repair the file even larger than 2 GB and can assure you maximum recovery of your lost emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes, journals etc.. Apart from these benefits, there are other benefits of using a tool which includes search any particular mail, recover encrypted and password protected file and many more.  All of these features of recovery software make software convenient to use for its user. Eventually you can fix all errors related to Outlook data file and can use it without any hindrance and fear of loss of data.

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