All that for Which You Require to Upgrade your Window Live Mailbox to Outlook

You must be familiar with email (i.e. electronic mail) service as a reliable means of communication across the world over the Internet. The biggest advantageous feature of email service is that the service providers (viz. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more) do not ask you for any fare. However, the organizations do not prefer using email service provided by these carriers. In fact, they purchase their own email domain to avail mailing services and provide each employee a unique email ID. Besides, in order to make mailing quite easy, reliable, and secure, many organizations have been using email clients, viz. Outlook Express (in Windows XP), Windows mail (in Windows Vista), or Windows live mail (i.e. the upgraded version), which a free of cost email client developed by Microsoft.


Today, with the increasing demand for Microsoft Outlook, the individuals as well as the organizations are switching from their current emails clients, such as Windows live mail to MS Outlook. However, they cannot leave their crucial emails and other mailbox data just like that. Luckily, it is feasible to migrate Windows live mailbox data to Outlook. In this regard, users need to go through this post carefully:

Export email messages from Windows live mail for MS Outlook


Step1: Go to Start menu and launch Windows Live Mail.

Step2: Go to File menu, select Export, and then select Email messages.

Step3: Select Microsoft Exchange and click Next button.

Step4: Now, a message pops up stating that all email messages will be exported to MS Outlook or MS Exchange; click OK button.

Step5: Using Select Folder option, you can select all or selective mailbox folders, based on your requirement.

Step6: After selecting the required mailbox folders, click OK and wait for the export process to finish.

Step7: Once it is finished, a message box stating Export Complete appears; click Finish.


Note: The time taken by the process depends on the number of email messages being exported.

Export Contacts from Windows Live Mail


Step1: Open Windows Live Mail.

Step2: Right-click Contacts folder at the left and select Export.

Step3: In the window that opens, select comma separated values (.CSV).

Step4: This launches a CSV Export window, click 'Browse' option and choose a location to save the contacts file.

Step5: In the Save file dialog box, type a name for the contacts file, and then click ‘Save’ button.

Step6: Now, click Next button and select the fields that that you want to be exported.

Step7: After that, click Finish button and wait for the export process to finish.

Note: The time taken by the process depends on the number of contacts being exported.

Step8: Once it is finished, close Windows live mail.



Now, you can import both the files containing emails and contacts into MS Outlook client installed on your computer for instant access to your mailbox. Instead, you can also opt for using Windows live mail to pst converter software, and then can directly import the Outlook data file into MS Outlook. A recommended software for Windows live mail to pst conversion is available from Stellar. The free demo version of the software can be downloaded from the below mentioned link:

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