Get involved In the 5 Hottest Healthcare Information Technology Careers

Healthcare has always been a top professional industry due to its job growth and high demand for qualified health professionals. Healthcare information technology, or healthcare IT, is one career field in this industry that has gained large amounts of attention in the job market as new technologies are being introduced in medical facilities to make clinical healthcare more effective and efficient for patients and medical professionals.

College students interested in specializing in healthcare IT should obtain at least a bachelor's degree to work many healthcare IT jobs, although a higher degree will help them more in their professional duties. This is also a great opportunity for nurses who are looking for a career change to get involved in an exciting new role. Here are the top 5 healthcare IT career fields that may interest you.

Top 5 Healthcare IT Careers

Healthcare Technicians

This career field is ideal for people who are just starting their profession in the healthcare industry. Healthcare technicians document patients' health records in computer systems. They ensure all inputted medical history, examination records and test result data is accurate and accessible to medical professionals. Many healthcare technicians will specialize in other medical fields once gaining the proper work experience.

Medical Coders

Medical coders are essential to medical facilities as they document medical procedures and treatments to send to billing offices. They also retrieve patient records for medical personnel as well as review patient information to ensure all data is accurate.

Clinical Systems Analysts

When new technology and computer information systems is introduced in a medical facility, the clinical systems analysts ensures that medical personnel are using the system efficiently. They will also address any problems with the computer system as well as recommending new technologies to the medical facility that will make facility operations run effectively.

Nursing Informatics

Patient charting and the documentation of patient notes needs to be accurate, complete and done in a timely manner to ensure a patient is receiving the highest quality health care. A person involved in nursing informatics strives to simplify and improve the documentation process for healthcare professionals by introducing tools and technologies to staff. The nursing informatics professional will develop new systems that are user-friendly and will handle the facility's workload.

Cancer Registrars

Cancer registrars work mainly with records and patient information for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. They will compile the information for the purpose of research and assign the correct classification codes to represent the treatment and care that a cancer patient has been given. Cancer registrars will also do follow-up work, charting survival and recovery rates in patients in addition to the treatments that the patient received.

Become Involved In The Healthcare IT Profession

Healthcare IT is a broad professional field. If you are interested in a job that combines health care and technology, then you may want to seek one of these exciting new careers as you will manage computer information systems in hospitals and medical facilities.

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