Top Ten Mid-Sized Cloud Providers

There are quite a few cloud service providers on the market in 2013. The rising popularity of cloud computing is responsible for the wide selection of service providers companies have to choose from. Let’s look at the top 10 mid-sized cloud providers and some of the companies they serve.

10. Logic Works

Logic Works provides reliable cloud services to companies such as Starwood, Colgate, NBC and Tru TV. Their cloud services and technical support are second to none. They offer both public and private cloud servers to their clients.

9. Apptix Hosting Services

Apptix Hosted Services is another of the top mid-sized cloud providers. Their clients include Sprint, Fujitsu, Insight and They offer infrastructure solutions and cloud-based phone systems as well as the ability to sync a company’s mobile devices with their servers. Encryption services are also offered to each client, meaning and server run through Apptix is sure to be safe and secure.

8. Layered Tech

Layered Tech is also one of top mid-sized cloud suppliers that serve companies such as WordPress and Home Telos. They pride themselves on offering hosting that complies with HIPAA standards. Their data-centers are top of the line, making them an excellent choice in cloud suppliers.

7. Softlayer

Softlayer is known for providing high quality cloud based servers to their clients. They specialize in managing multiple servers for each company they work with. They work with many gaming studios to provide servers in which to run those games off of. Softlayer provides excellent customer support to clients all over the country.

6. Savvis

Savvis is a cloud provider that works with companies in the industries of retail, government, software, carrier, media and finance. They offer SaaS as well as e-commerce solutions. Some of the companies that use Savvis include Stars Entertainment, Easy Jet, WallStreet Systems and the Universal Music Group.

5. Rackspace

Rackspace specializes in providing their clients with a hybrid of both public and private cloud servers. They also provide disaster recovery to companies whose servers crashed, helping these companies get back on track. Rackspace offers both online and offline support to each of their clients.

4. Equinix

Equinix boasts more than 95 data centers scattered throughout the world. They operate in 31 markets spread out over 15 countries. Equinix follows all the latest trends in the world of technology and often run webinars to keep people updated on changes that can impact cloud -computing services. They go a step further than other companies by having their own marketplace where their clients can market their services to people all over the country.

3. Computer Services, Inc

Computer Services, Inc works mainly with financial institutions to provide them with cloud services. In the finance industry, they are among the largest companies that offer these types of services.

2. Navisite

Navisite offers reliable cloud services to companies throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. They specialize in server and database management.

1. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the top mid-sized cloud provider currently in the market. They work with more than 190 businesses throughout the world including in Japan.

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