Five Cloud Computing Myths For New Companies

When starting a new company, it is important to know the facts about cloud computing. While it can be a great asset for any company, a new one may or may not need or want to use cloud computing right away. There are several myths about cloud computing that every company must be aware of.

Green IT Movement

Cloud computing is not always a green IT movement. A huge myth that many companies just starting out don’t realize is that the level of green IT a cloud computing system achieves is solely based on the source of the energy used by its data center. If a company’s cloud based server is located in a country that primarily runs on sources of renewable energy, they are participating in the green IT movement. If the cloud-based server is located in a country that relies primarily on oil and coal, the company is not practicing the concept of green IT.

The Security Of Cloud Computing

Another myth new companies should be aware of is that it is a common misconception that a private server is more secure than a cloud server. In reality, any server is only as secure as the company works to make it. Any company that uses cloud computing needs to have an open line of communication with their cloud vendor. This can be tricky to do because many cloud vendors will downplay the issue of security within a company’s server.

Cloud Computing Always Saves Money

Many new companies fall prey to the myth that using cloud computing is a cheaper way to help launch. This myth first surfaced due to the fact that it eliminates the need to spend money on software licenses and the infrastructure of the cloud server. The truth is, while a cloud computing system can save a new company money initially, it is likely that later on down the line the company may spend more money to use a cloud server than they would using a traditional server. Cloud computing services simply save money for companies that use varying amounts of resources on any given day. This is due to the fact that when a company uses a cloud -based server, they are only paying for the storage space they use. Companies that use the same amount of resources day in and day out will not save any money by relying on cloud-based servers.

Cloud Based Servers Are Completely Stable

A new company may not have any experience using cloud servers, and therefore assume their company data will be automatically backed up, because this a common misconception about cloud computing. Any server, cloud-based or otherwise, should be backed up manually by the company itself.

Cloud Servers Never Crash

Another myth is that a cloud server won’t ever go down. Any company using a cloud server must understand that it is not 100% foolproof. Server crashes can and do happen, even with cloud computing.

These myths should be kept in mind when launching a new company.

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